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Thu, 24 Jun 2010

Kwamegate Goes Federal

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Kilpatrick taken into custody after violating probation

Authorities indicted Kwame Kilpatrick on 19 Federal charges Wednesday, 23 Jun 2010. Charges against Detroit’s former mayor include 10 counts of mail fraud, 5 counts of falsifying tax return, 3 counts of wire fraud, and 1 count of tax evasion. If convicted, Kilpatrick faces up to 20 years in prison and fines of $250,000.

Charges layed by a Federal grand jury stem from investigations into misuse of funds from Kilpatrick’s non-profit Civic Fund. The improper spending involves a variety of personal expenses:

  • Yoga lessons for Kilpatrick
  • Golf expenses, including lessons, a set of clubs, and golf bag
  • Summer camp for Kilpatrick’s kids
  • College tuition for relatives
  • A birthday party
  • A video documenting Kilpatrick’s family history
  • A spokesman to manage Kilpatrick’s public image after the text messaging scandal
  • Personal moving expenses when Kilpatrick moved out of the mayoral mansion and lease of his new personal residence
  • Personal travel costs and private jet flights
  • Car rental and leases
  • Counter-surveillance and anti-bugging equipment

Kilpatrick is already serving 18-60 months in a northern Michigan prison for violating his probation on his perjury conviction. What’s funny is Kilpatrick spokesman Mike Paul pointed out there were no bribery charges. Is that supposed to be a sigh of relief? As in “heck, it’s just fraud charges”? Kilpatrick and Paul probably better not hold their breath. The FBI is still looking into Kilpatrick running a criminal organization. Don’t be surprised if more charges get filed.

US Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick

Here’s the next big question: will Kwame’s mommy’s political career suffer? As far as I can see, Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick has done little to nothing for her constituents. Never mind Rep. Kilpatrick (D) narrowly escaped House ethics charges. She also changed her vote from no to yes for the Wall Street bailout after the Senate added another 100 billion to the package. How many of her Detroit constituents benefited, do you think?

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Sun, 23 May 2010

The Incredibly Arrogant Mr. Cox

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Mike Cox

People in Michigan know Mike Cox is a Republican candidate for governor. Cox currently serves as the state’s Attorney General. Does that job qualify him to be governor? Well, it’s the gig Jennifer Granholm had before she became governor. It’s no secret how she fared.

As for Cox, he’s a love him or hate him kind of guy. His 2006 opponent, Amos Williams, characterizes Cox as “too aggressive, a bully”, and an opportunist. Funny—opportunist is the word that comes to my mind, too.

Rev. Al Sharpton delivers eulogy

Why, on earth, would Cox feel a need to say anything publicly about Rev. Al Sharpton giving the eulogy at Aiyana Stanley-Jones’ funeral Saturday? Saying he was “disgusted but not surprised,” Cox characterized Sharpton as someone who “parachutes in to get his name in the paper,” then leaves after creating “a worse racial divide than existed before.” While I don’t disagree with Cox on this one, I also find myself uncharacteristically siding with Rev. Sharpton. He said, “For [Cox] to play politics and try to get votes off the deaths of two young people speaks more of him than it does me.” Reminds me of Hoekstra using the Christmas Day terror attempt for fundraising.

Taking his chances with Detroit voters, who are largely Democrats and African-American, Cox is more direct than just his remarks about Sharpton. In April, Cox appealed the ruling against DPS Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb. The judge’s ruling stemmed from the Detroit School Board lawsuit alleging Bobb exceeded his authority. Cox is clearly betting on out-state voters by pandering to Granholm’s appointed financial manager. At the same time, Cox is telling Detroit voters they don’t matter by taking a stand against their elected School Board. The Board’s lawsuit claims Bobb is interfering in non-financial matters of the District and that he has no business meddling in academics.

Manoogian Mansion and slain stripper Tamara Greene

Cox has been plagued by what he called “an urban legend”, the rumored 2002 wild party at the Manoogian Mansion, official residence of Detroit’s Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. The murder, some months later, of stripper Tamara “Strawberry” Green is tied to the party at which she allegedly dance. Following Attorney General and Michigan State Police investigations in 2003, Cox said there’s no evidence of the party. Now, a retired Detroit Police dispatcher has testified the party happened and heard that Mike Cox attended. Cox is not helped when folks like Michigan State Police investigator Mark Krebs testified Cox interfered with the investigation into the party. So, the rumors persist and many believe Cox is involved in a cover-up.

Mike Cox also broke trust with his wife. The AG was involved in an affair in 2005, but the couple stayed married. While people make mistakes, his violation of private trust does call into question Cox’s commitment to the public trust.

Ironically, Michigan’s top law enforcement officer had more illegaly posted Cox campaign signs along Michigan highways in the days preceeding last year’s Republican summit on Mackinaw Island. I know Cox didn’t plant them, but his campaign did, and he’s responsible for his campaign. Never mind the cost to the taxpayers for state police and road workers to remove them.

Mike Cox and asian carp

True to his smugness, Cox has started running attack ads on his Republican primary rivals. In one of those, Cox’s ad features a man who plans to vote for Rick Snyder, a Republican primary rival. The unwilling extra, Derek Moss, wants to be removed from the ads. He said, “I find it appalling [Cox] is using my image in a shameful attack ad on another opponent.”

Other examples of opportunistic grandstanding by Mike Cox abound. Consider his lawsuit against the health care reform law. How much did that cost the citizens of cash-strapped Michigan? And what will that do for them before the law takes effect in 2014, long after this fall’s election? Then there’s the periodic forays in the news with Cox joining other Great Lakes AGs on the asian carp issue. That might make sense for Michigan, but Cox is playing to to political advantage.

When taken together, it seems pretty obvious that Cox plays to special interests and is out to make Mike Cox look good. Michigan doesn’t need a media governor or one that likes to grandstand. Michigan needs a governor that can lead, make tough and fair choices, and get the job done. Mike Cox falls a little short.

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Thu, 11 Mar 2010

Who’s Worse, Conyers or Kilpatrick?

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Monica Conyers

In court for sentencing on her nearly year-old guilty plea on bribery charges, Monica Conyers, a former Detroit City Council member and President Pro Tem, was as flamboyant in court today as you’d expect from her. She, once again, embarrassed the metro region. Just before sentencing, Conyers screamed “If they have their tapes, I have my tapes too. I taped Rayford, I taped Riddle. You’ll be fair to me or I want to withdraw my plea.”

Fair, or not, Monica Conyers was sentenced to 37 months. The court didn’t care that she tried to withdraw her guilty plea as she said, “”If I have to I’ll go to jail for what I’ve done, but I won’t go for what I didn’t do.”

So, she obviously has no contrition for the damage she’s done to Detroit’s reputation, let alone that of southeast Michigan. In fact, Conyers said, “I’m walking out the front door and I’m appealing this case because he didn’t have no right to do that.” Only one problem: in her plea deal, she agreed to waive the right to appeal.

John and Monica Conyers

Meanwhile, US Representative John Conyers (D-Detroit), Monica’s husband, has been silent on the case, his only comments being he would not comment. But Rep. Conyers is chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, which oversees federal penitentiaries. And, he may be complicit in his wife’s dealings, despite his claim he had no knowledge of his wife’s coercive behavior.

Monica Conyers is out and she needs to stay out of political office. Voters need to not return Rep. John Conyers to office when he’s up for re-election in 2011.

Not to be outdone by Conyers, former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is in the news for failing to make his restitution payments to the city of Detroit. His lawyers maintain he doesn’t have the money, but his new spokesman, Mike Paul, said prosecutors are “piling on a former mayor who’s down and out.” Paul is president of president of MGP & Associates on Fifth Avenue in New York, which specializes in crisis management. His former clients include Aretha Franklin, Muhammad Ali, and Goldman Sachs.

Beyond claiming he’s unable to pay his restitution—a claim with little sympathy, considering Kilpatrick’s lifestyle in Texas, there are questions about his involvement in a variety of lawsuits. And, if anyone thinks Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick is innocent in the Synagro and related affairs, they’ve got another thing coming.

So, yeah. Kwame and Monica have lost their political seats. Will Detroit’s voters have the moral fortitude to dump John Conyers and Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick?

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Tue, 23 Feb 2010

Kilpatrick Jobs Program About to Pay Off

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Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick

Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick continues to garner nationwide headlines, much to the chagrin of southeast Michigan. On Monday, Detroit’s newspapers were reporting the FBI is close to charging Kilpatrick under RICO, the Federal Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organizations Act. The on-going Federal investigation has kept many people employed in metro Detroit. The Feds have said they suspect Kilpatrick was running a criminal enterprise, which allows them to pursue charges under RICO. Their key piece of evidence is testimony from former Cobo Center contractor Karl Kado. He supposedly told investigators that he gave Kilpatrick $100,000 and gave another $290,000 to Kilpatrick’s father, Bernard, for access to Cobo Center deals.

Kilpatrick has long been suspected of corruption and the FBI investigations in Detroit has been its own little Stimulus project, providing Federal jobs for quite a few people. Kado apparently has provided sworn statements detailing payments to the Kilpatricks. The scandal includes Cobo Center directors Lou Pavledes and Glenn Barton. Kado and Paveledes’ lawyer also implicated Bernard Kilpatrick. To date, the Federal investigation has impacted the following:

  • Karl Kado—Cobo contractor; pleaded guilty to falsifying tax returns; sentencing in March 2010
  • Lou Pavledes—Cobo director; pleaded guilty to taking bribes from Kado; 14 months in prison
  • Glenn Blanton—Pavledes’ successor as Cobo director; pleaded guilty to taking bribes from Kado; 1 year in prison
  • James R. Rosendall Jr—Synagro Technologies VP; sentenced to 11 months for bribery
  • Rayford W. Jackson—Synagro’s Detroit partner; sentenced to 5 years for bribery
  • Monica Conyers—Detroit City Council member and wife of US Rep. John Conyers; cast the deciding vote in favor of Synagro’s $1.2 billion sludge contract; pleaded guilty to accepting $6,000; sentencing scheduled 10 March
  • Jerry Rivers—Detroit Police Officer, member of the mayor’s executive protection unit; pleaded guilty to bribery in connection with the sale of city land; sentencing scheduled 11 March
  • Kandia Milton—Kilpatrick’s childhood friend and a top mayoral aid; pleaded guilty to bribery in the sale of Camp Brighton; sentencing 18 March
  • DeDean Milton—Kandia’s brother; pleaded guilty to bribery in connection with 2 city land deals; sentencing 13 May
  • Sam Riddle—fomer aide to Monica Conyers and political consultant; awaiting retrial after a hung jury on charges of conspiracy and extortion; pending trial on separate charges of bribery in Southfield
  • Mary Waters—Riddle’s former live-in companion; also charged in the Southfield bribery case; trial date set for 01 June
  • William Lattimore—Southfield City Councilman; pleaded guilty to taking a bribe from Riddle in connection with a pawn shop relocation; sentencing 11 March

Judge Groner

As if that’s not enough, Kilpatrick was short $38,778 in restitution of the $79,011 that was due Friday, 19 February. One of Kilpatrick’s laywers said he didn’t know the source of the $40,000 payment that did not come from Kilpatrick himself. Michael Alan Schwartz suggested the money came from “wamrhearted people who wanted to help out.” Bill Ballenger, editor of the Inside Michigan Politics newsletter had this to say.

One can be impressed or cynical about the level of political power the man still commands. This could be peple who really care about him, and it could be people who fear his power if things get worse. And then again, it might be a further scheme to hide his own money coming in as donations from others.

Funny; that’s the same conclusion Drew and Mike came to on WRIF radio.

Judge David Groner ordered Kilpatrick to be in court at 9 AM, Friday, 26 February, for arraignment on probation violations. Groner also opened the door for prosecutors to raise concerns about other probation violations.

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Fri, 01 Jan 2010

Michigan’s Top Embarassments of 2009

Michigan welcome sign

Michigan is a beautiful state, with lots of great people, and countless things to do. We’ve had our fair share of scandals and otherwise embarassing momements, however. It seems like 2009 had more than previous years in recent memory.

The Rossman Group, a Lansing public relations firm, came up with their list of Michigan’s Top Ten Public Relations Blunders for 2009. I don’t necessarily agree with their ranking. Ostensibly, they developed their list as a result of feedback solicited on Twitter.

Lots of people do top ten lists at the end of the year. Another popular method of summing up a year is the year-in-review format. So here is the Cynical Synapse 2009 Year in Review.

Michael Phelps with bong

January. Olympic champion swimmer Michael Phelps was pictured smoking marijuana. Not surprisingly, the winner of 14 gold medals lost his lucrative spokesman gig with Battle Creek-based cereal maker Kellogg. On top of that, the former University of Michigan swimming sensation was also suspended from competition.

Pete Hoekstra

February. US Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), who scored 9th on Rossman’s list, actually has a couple of faux pas this year. Hoesktra started by twittering his Iraq itinerary during a Congressional delegation visit there. How does the wannabe-governor square that with his remarks in a 2006 LA Times op-ed?

We are a nation at war. Unauthorized disclosures of classified information only help terrorists and our enemies—and put American lives at risk.

In November, Hoesktra revealed national security information in his haste to criticize the Obama administration for missing the red flags in MAJ Nidal M. Hasan’s behavior. Back on his high horse in December, he blasted the administration for not “connecting the dots” and failing to properly screen Abdulmatallob. Perhaps Hoekstra’s forgotten he voted against TSA funding, including explosives screeners. Republican Sen. Jim DeMint (SC) also has a hold on confirmation of a new chief for the Transportation Security Administration.

Don’t misunderstand. There were three terrorist acts committed on US territory by radical Muslims in 2009. Each case involves connections to Yemen, presumably al-Qaida in the Arabian Penninsula, and each included suspicions by authorities. The MAJ Hasan and Abdulmatallab cases are fresh in mind. The other was the June slaying of a young Soldier at a US Army Recruiting Station in West Little Rock, AR.

Barbara-Rose Collins in Detroit City Council

March. Next up is Detroit City Council member Barbara-Rose Collins and her rendition of “Onward Christian Sodiers” in session. How bizarre is that?

In the same month, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing was accused of inflating his educational degrees.

Dealerships closing

April. The Chrysler Group slashed dealerships in a radical effort to cut costs. General Motors similary sought to eliminate dealerships. While I understand the concept of wanting dealerships to be profitable, I’m confused about how the number of dealerships affects the automakers.

Watson's home

May. Detroit Council Member Joann Watson paid only $68 in property taxes for years. Her neighbors paid between $2,000 and $6,500, but that didn’t stop Watson from evading her tax liabilities. She thought her “reduced” tax rate was due to her imagined tornado damage, or something.

Monica Conyers

June. Detroit Council Member Monica Conyers is indicted on bribery charges for the Synagro sludge contract with Detroit. Conyers pleaded guilty, resigned from Council, and is still pending sentencing.

Sam Riddle

July. Former Monica Conyers aide Sam Riddle was indicted for bribery in the same Synagro fiasco that did his former boss in. He was also charged, along with Mary Waters, with taking bribes from a Southfield jewelry store. That’s the same Mary Waters Riddle pointed a gun at after she caught him with another woman. Riddle has been in trouble with the courts for his updates about the case on Twitter.

Rich Rodriguez press conference

August. Before the start of the season, several University of Michigan football players alleged breaking NCAA rules by being required to practice more than allowed. At the press conference denying the allegations, head coach Rich Rodriguez appeared to tear up. The team finished the season with a record of 5-7 overall and a bottom-of-the-conference 1-7 in the Big 10. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) investigation into the allegations is still on-going.

September. During the Republican leadership conference on Mackinac Island, the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance (MTA) sponsored a debate with Republican gubernatorial candidates. At first, the MTA invited all candidates, then uninvited State Sen. Tom George. They said the problem was limited air time on the radio station that agreed to broadcast the debate. After complaints, the MTA re-invited George to the debate.

Kwame Kilpatrick

October. Former Detroit mayor and felon Kwame Kilpatrick sued his lawyer, Mike Stefani over the text messages that brought about the mayor’s downfall and perjury conviction. Even after serving his sentence and moving to Texas, Kilpatrick continues to embarass the Motor City.

Tina Houghton

November. As proof that Detroit is not the only place with law-breaking politicians, Lansing’s councilperson-elect Tina Houghton owes $3,300 in back taxes but signed an affidavit saying she didn’t owe the city anything. She signed the affidavit in May, when she became a candidate for council. At the time, she didn’t owe the taxes, but she later didn’t pay her summer property taxes. And she didn’t fess up to the electorate during the campaign, either. Shades of JoAnn Watson. There’s hope and change for you.

Another Republican gubernatorial candidate is in trouble. Besides Hoekstra exposing intelligence, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox is backpedalling on the 2003 Manoogian Manson party investigation, which is tied to the Tamara Green murder investigation. Cox was unable to substantiate allegations of former Detroit mayor Kilpatrick’s legendary party at the mayor’s residence during which his wife, Carlita, is said to have hit Green, a stripper, for what she was doing with Kwame. With absolutely no one coming forth to substantiate the party, or provide details into Green’s murder, I’m having a hard time believing the legend is true, personally. That doesn’t change the fact it’s causing political problems for Cox even though Kilpatrick was a Democrat.

Nearly empty Ford Field

The biggest embarassment of November is the Detroit Lions, who saw their lowest attendance against St. Louis, with 40,857 at Ford Field. That’s only slightly worse than the 40,876 who attended the Lions game against DC in September. For the season, Lions attendance ranks 31st out of 32 teams. With a current season record of 2-13, don’t expect this to improve for Sunday’s game against the Bulls. Needless to say, there were a lot of blacked out home gomes.

Kilpatrick testifying

December. Kwame Kilpatrick returned to the D for a restitution hearing. Still not done dissing the Motor City, Kilpatrick unilaterally cut his restitution payments in June when his employer, Covisint, stopped advancing his pay. But wait, there’s more below the surface, and it came out during Kilpatrick’s restitution hearings.

And then there’s Hoekstra, again, blaming Obama for the al-Qaida attack over Detroit. Does this two-faced, non-expert, twittering twat not realize how idiotic he is?

For 2010: Let’s hope it’s a lot better than 2009. Happy New Year!


02 Jan 2010

Because these guys span the entire year, with certain high points, they didn’t make our year in review. But if I was going to do a top ten style list, they’d be right at the top for their buffoonery and the magnitude of their effects on Michigan.

Dillon and Granholm

Special Mention. Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) has been virtually AWOL (away without leave) during 2009. Sure, she’s been physically present and huffed and puffed, with a little blamethrowing, but nothing of substance. In short, Granholm has exhibited a glaring lack of leadership, especially during the budget debates. In fact, her failure to be involved makes me think Pres. Obama must have turned her down for some big Washington job. I think she’s been bummed out all year.

Working hard not to be shown up by Granholm is State House Speaker Andy Dillon (D-Redford). Despite not having the fiscal year 2010 budget settled, Dillon gave the House most of the summer off. When they finally came back to work, Dillon acted more like a Republican. First, he called Granholm’s September budget proposal showboating. Then he virtually agreed with every cut in the Republican-led Senate’s budget bills. Even then, some departments are still operating on “bridging” budgets rather than actual appropriations bills. Since constituents were against Dillon’s deal, there’s speculation the real deal has to do with 2010 elections. Dillon is considering a run for governor—a tragic error for Michigan if you ask me—and Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop (R-Rochester) has announced his candidacy for state Attorney General.

Sun, 01 Nov 2009

Kwamegate: Loans, Unknowns, and More Bribes

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Kwame Kilpatrick on the stand

Appearing in Wayne County Circuit Court, former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was ordered to take the stand during a hearing on October 29th. The hearing, set when prosecutors filed a petition alleging Kilpatrick violated terms of his probation, followed his unilateral reduction of restitution payments to $3,000 monthly from the agreed-upon $6,000.

First, Judge David Groner told Kilpatrick’s lawyer, Michael Alan Schwartz, the 5th Ammendment—the right to not self-incriminate—couldn’t be invoked in a civil case. Then the judge asked a number of questions about Kilpatrick’s finances and ability to pay his restitution. Prosecuters, who claim they have documentation showing Kilpatrick and his wife shuffled money between accounts, also got their chance to question the former mayor.

Peter Karmanos Roger S. Penske
James Nicholson Dan Gilbert

Questioning brought out two significant revelations. First, four prominent Detroit businessmen gave Kilpatrick $240,000, allegedly a personal loan. Compuware CEO Peter Karmanos is the front man for the group, and also employs Kilpatrick at subsidiary Covisint. The others are racing and truck rental magnate Roger Penske, chemical tycoon James Nicholson, and Dan Gilbert, founder of Rock Financial. On top of this, Ambassador Bridge owner Marty Maroun gave $50,0000 to Carlita Kilpatrick and the kids, apparently whyile Kwame was in jail.

When I first heard Karmanos was giving Kilpatrick a job in Texas, I wondered why. The answer is simple: the Detroit businessmen bribed Kwame to step down because they knew he wouldn’t do it on his own. Rightly or wrongly, the businessmen did what they thought best for the city and region. They provided a means for supporting Kilpatrick’s family.

The other revelation was Kilpatrick doesn’t know much about his finances. He knows his base salary at Covisint is $10,000 per month, but not how much he makes with commissions. He doesn’t know the lease cost of his million-dollar mansion; he assumes Carlita pays the rent. How would that be, since he says Carlita doesn’t have a job now? But, he doesn’t know if she had a job while he was in jail.

Detroit skyline along the riverfront

News also broke Chicago businessman John Orecchio bribed Kilpatrick with a $10,000 donation to the Kilpatrick Civic Fund. In return, Kilpatrick intervened with the Detroit Pension Board, obtaining board approval for a $20 million deal with AA Capital Partners, Orecchio’s company. Fortunately, the board didn’t make the investment. Of course, Kilpatrick attorney Jim Thomas said Wednesday his client “flatly and unequivocally” denies any wrongdoing. On a side note, Orecchio also gave money to then councilwoman Sharon McPhail to keep her from opposing a strip club deal he was working. McPhail was also a trustee of the police and fire pension funds. Here’s a surprise: Kilpatrick and McPhail both deny Orecchio’s allegations.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Kwamegate on November 17th, if not before. Kilpatrick is due back in court then, perhaps with more answers.

Tue, 27 Oct 2009

Kwamegate Charges Still Surfacing

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I did not have text with that women

Detroit’s former mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, cost the city millions and made national—maybe international—news at the height of the scandal over his text messages. Ultimately, that led to Kilpatrick’s plea bargain and subsequent removal from office.

Kwame Kilpatrick and his legal team

Lawyer Mike Stefani, who got an $8.4 million settlement in the 2007 police whistle-blower lawsuit, faces perjury charges before Michigan’s Attorney Grievance Commission. Stefani admitted he leaked Kwami’s text messages to the Detroit Free Press for “safekeeping”. Four other lawyers are facing professional charges—and possible loss of their legal licenses—following the whistle-blower case.

A list of those complicit, in one way or another, with Kwamegate:

And there’s still more to be revealed in the Tamara Green murder case and lawsuit. In the meantime, Kilpatrick’s shenanigans have inspired musicals, been in Fox’s “Lie to Me”, and now the film “Scandal in the City”.

Sun, 20 Sep 2009

Kilpatrick Still Dissing Detroit

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Despite his lavish lifestyle, or maybe in spite of it, former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick lost his bid to cut restitution payments to the city. Claiming he no longer received advance payments that doubled his salary, Kilpatrick sought to reduce restitution from $6,000 to $3,000 per month.

The former mayor’s legacy is a patchwork of dysfunctionalism, from the Jayne-Laskey Family Fun Center to the Detroit Zoo. Both were places emblazoned with the former mayor’s name. But no more. Today, the zoo is run by the Detroit Zoological Society and the recreation center is closed for renovations.

Kilpatrick’s administration squandered countless opportunities. These included redevelopment deals at the base of the Belle Ilse bridge. And many others, no doubt.

Still, Kwame is doing better than the city he abandoned. He’s living in a gated community outside Dallas, while the city he “would never quit on” struggles with 28.9% unemployment. Nonetheless, Kilpatrick claimed he couldn’t afford his restitution payments.

Today, Kilpatrick lives in a million-dollar house in affluent Southlake, TX. He gets six-figure salary from Compuware subsidiary Covisint. On Thursday, the narcissist was a day late and $3,000 short with his restitution payment. Seems the >Michigan Court of Appeals said pay up anyway. They denied Kilpatrick’s motion reduce his payments “for lack of merit.”

Hard to claim poverty when you’re living in a million-dollar mansion. In a gated community. I’m thinking Detroiters aren’t feeling your pain, Kwame.

UPDATE Sept 23, 2009:

Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy filed a motion saying Kilpatrick has violated the terms of his probation. A court date’s been set for October 28th. The Detroit Free Press has the details and Worthy’s motion. And here’s a question: why isn’t Kwame using a lawyer with offices in Detroit?

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