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Sun, 25 Sep 2011

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! Pakistan Denies Haqqani Ties

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Pakistani military officers and prime minister

Pakistan is decidedly not happy with Adm. Mike Mullen’s testimony to Congress that Pakistani intelligence supported the Haqqani terrorists. Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Agency (ISI) “supported [the] Kabul [US] embassy attack” on 15 September. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Mullen testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday.

The fact remains that the Quetta Shura [Taliban] and the Haqqani Network operate from Pakistan with impunity. Extremist organizations serving as proxies of the government of Pakistan are attacking Afghan troops and civilians as well as US soldiers.

Senior military officials in Pakistan wasted no time before blasting the allegations. Yousuf Raza Gilani, Pakistan’s Prime Minister, is also outraged and called the blame game self-defeating. In a policy statement, Gilani said:

We strongly reject assertions of complicity with the Haqqanis or of proxy war. … Pakistan’s credentials and sacrifices in the counter-terrorism campaign are impeccable and unquestionable.

stop drone attacks

To be sure, Pakistani-US relations have resembled a marriage on the rocks almost since the beginning. As much as they dislike and distrust each other, however, the simple truth is they need each other. Journalist Eric Margolis told RT:

The US is sort of handcuffed to Pakistan, unhappily, and the other way around even more.

Here’s the deal. Mullen must have had good reason for making his statement before the Senate panel. The US needs the use of Pakistani infrastructure to keep NATO forces in Afghanistan supplied. And the US does make use of ISI intelligence leads. For its part, Pakistan gets money, training, and plenty of opportunities to call the US arrogance for what it really is. No one else gets to do that like Pakistan. And, so, the dance goes on.



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