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Tue, 02 Aug 2011

Joe Walsh—Fiscal Responsibility, But Not for Me

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ranting Joe Walsh

Illinois freshman Congressman Joe Walsh (R-IL-8) considers himself a fiscal conservative. He’s one of the so-called tea party Republicans. Walsh’s been blasting Pres. Obama and Democrats on the debt ceiling and just ended deficit stand-off. For the record, Walsh voted against raising the debt ceiling.

But, Walsh is not so fiscally responsible himself. Walsh has a history of foreclosures and tax liens. On top of that, Walsh owes over $117,000 in back child support, plus another $9,000 in expense obligations, and associated legal fees. Why is this guy sitting in Congress?

Walsh sued for past due child support

Here’s the vivid reality of Rep. Walsh’s failure to be fiscally responsible, according to Jeanne Dauray:

Rep. Walsh claims that he wants to curb federal spending to protect future generations of Americans. But this rings hallow in the face of recent disclosures that he’s failed to pay his own child support. Because my father never paid child support, I know firsthand how devastating it can be on families. Joe Walsh should be ashamed.

Rep. Walsh’s perspective on the debt ceiling seems to be just as flippant as his view on taking personal responsibility for his own obligations:

It’s almost comical to do a lot of these media interviews last week and this week because everybody is so atwitter about Aug. 2. I’m not. I want to get it right. And if it takes another week or two to get it right, I think as a country we’re going to be okay.

Easy to say when you don’t even pay your own personal obligations, Congressman. How about getting it right by your kids?

Really? I don’t think so.


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