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Mon, 01 Aug 2011

No No-Bid Biden’s No-Bid Big Deal

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smirking Joe Biden

During the run up to the 2008 election, candidates Barack Obama and Joe Biden blasted no-bid Federal contracts over $25,000, largely to paint the huge Halliburton no-bid contracts of the Bush-Cheney administration in a bad light. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no supporter of Halliburton’s no-bid windfall, but some politicians mesh the no-bid portion with competitively bid parts, both of which were awarded legally. Given the pre-election Obama-Biden position on no-bid contracts, imagine my suprise at learning Vice President Biden is the beneficiary of a no-bid contract likely to bring him $66,000 of taxpayer money. By anyone’s math, that’s $41,000 more than the Democratic candidates promised would be the cap for no-bid, sometimes called sole-source, contracts.

Obviously, $41,000, or even $66,000, is not the point here, considering the current deficit and national debt. At issue is Biden’s hypocrisy in benefiting from a no-bid contract at any value. Biden has already made $13,000 since March on the deal. What’s even worse is the government agency Biden is charging rent to is his Secret Service protection detail. Granted, the cost of protecting US top officials is a legitimate public expense, but taxpayers are also footing the bill for the protectee’s charges to enjoy that protection. It doesn’t matter the $2,200 monthly rent is the same charged to the previous tennant.

Biden's $2,200 a month cottage

After his mother, who originally occupied the cottage next to his waterfront residence, passed in 2010, Biden’s security detail decline his offer to rent the cottage. Granted, the logic of his Secret Service detail being next door to the VP’s personal residence is inescapable.

How would you feel, however, if you were part of that detail knowing the Secret Service is paying rent to the guy you might have to give your life for? You can tell a politician is lying when you see their lips move. And I’d say Joe Biden is not my idea of a public servant. Maybe he’ll write a check for the rent to the Bureau of the Public Debt. Naw! Otherwise, he would have let the Secret Service use the cottage at no charge and deducted the contribution or “business loss” on his taxes.


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