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Sun, 17 Jul 2011

Michigan’s Old-Timer Politicians Need to Fade Away

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grumpy old men

Michigan’s Republican-led State House and Senate have redrawn the state’s Congressional districts, as well as those for the State House and Senate. The plan is awaiting Gov. Rick Snyder’s (R) signature. Michigan’s population loss according to the 2010 census resulted in the loss of a seat in the US House, thus requiring redistricting. Because of some rather obvious gerrymanderlisciousness, there are likely to be legal challenges.

Although the new districts clearly benefit Republicans, some districts are also more solidly Democratic, such as Dale Kildee’s 5th. But, after 36 years in office, Kildee, 81, will retire from Congress. Good for him, but he’s not the only one who needs to go.

Reps. Levin, Peters, Conyers, Dingell

With Michigan’s new districts, Reps. Sander Levin and Gary Peters will vie for for the same seat, both Democrats, in 2012. Levin, at 79, should retire. He’ll have 30 years in Congress. He’s my representative, only he doesn’t represent me. He doesn’t even answer my emails with thoughtful or considerate responses. His staff just sends me arrogant form emails. If Peters and Levin both run, I’ll vote for Peters.

Next on the list is that buffoon, John Conyers (D). He’s been wallowing in the public trough for 46 years and is out of touch with his Detroit constituents. Conyers is at the periphery of a number of scandals, including his son unlawfully using his Congressional vehicle, a Cadillac Escalade. He’s been before the ethics committee, his wife is in prison for bribery, and he doesn’t read the bills he votes on. Heck, Conyers doesn’t even maintain his property.

no country for old men

Rounding out my list of over-the-hill Hillsters are Rep. John Dingell (D) and Sen. Carl Levin (D). Dingell is a fossil at 85 and the longest serving elected official in the country. He’s been a US Representative longer than I’ve been alive, having taken office in 1955. That’s 56 years! As for Sen. Levin, Sander’s younger brother, he’s 77 and been in office 32 years. Like Sander, Carl has no respect for my opinions, either. His staffers also reply with form letters. How about actually addressing my concerns, chump? I guess senility gets you out of that.

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