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Fri, 15 Jul 2011

Green Jobs Evaporating from Michigan

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Annual green job changes

Riddle me this: how is it that Michigan is the only state to lose so-called green jobs? According to a report released this week by the Brookings Institution, Michigan lost 1,596 “green” jobs from 2003 to 2010. That is a 0.3% decline during each of those 7 years.

With excess manufacturing capability, skilled labor and engineers aching for work, and a good transportation network, Michigan should have been gaining high-tech “green” jobs. Former Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) made growing the state’s “green” economy a priority of her administration. As recently as two weeks ago, Granholm bragged “green” economy investment helped Michigan:

In the space of about a year and a half. we were able to convince 17 battery companies or their suppliers to locate inside Michigan, and those companies promised to create 63,000 jobs.

Apparently the part Granholm missed was where all those new jobs were going to be. Former Gov. Granholm’s administration focused on growing “green” jobs during most of the time Michigan was actually loses such jobs.

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