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Fri, 14 Jan 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011

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Snow map of the US

So far, 2011 has been rather challenging, weather wise. The northeast has been hit with a couple of snowstorms. This past week saw the south getting more snow than the northern midwest is used to. As a result, 49 states have snow on the ground! The only state without snow is Florida.

As of a couple days ago, snow is present on the ground for 69.4% of the lower 48 US states. More than two-thirds of the country is snow-covered. It’s not too late. We could still meet last February’s snow in all 50 states.

Cancun temperatures

The British Meteorological Office (BMO) predicted 2010 to be warmest year on record but it didn’t happen. The UN climate change conference experienced record low temperatures for Cancun, Mexico. To explain this, warmists claim winter weather proves climate change is real.

Because of their interests of the climate change hoax, BMO withheld record cold predictions. Not everyone is drinking global warming koolaid, however.


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