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Mon, 08 Nov 2010

Snyder Picks Dead Guy and Dead Weight for Key Leadership

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Pam and Dick Posthumus

Michigan’s Governor-elect Rick Snyder (R) named a top aid and State Treasurer designate today. Snyder is surrounding himself with a bunch of former Gov. John Engler hacks, a trend that is starting to concern me. My main issue with the former governor, besides his size, is how Engler torpedoed transit for metro Detroit mere nanoseconds before leaving office. As for Snyder’s choices, one of these seems purely politically motivated. So much for no more politics as usual.

Synder appointed Dick Posthumus his legislative affairs advisor. Posthumus—the dead guy—was Lieutenant Governor under John Engler (R) but lost a bid for the governorship to Jennifer Granholm. So, besides having sat around the State Senate during Engler’s administration, Posthumous was a State Senator for 16 years. He might be why voters approved term limits in the first place. And why does the Governor need a legislative affairs advisor at taxpayer expense to begin with?

Andy Dillon

Next up is current state House Speaker Andy Dillon (D), slated to become State Treasurer. Dillon, like Snyder, was a venture capitalist before his 6 years in the State House. Dillon said he was reluctant to accept appointment as treasurer. Concerning state government, he said:

I would term it as a dysfunctional system. I’m kind of excited about the opportunity to work with people who are a little more aggressive on change.

Now there’s commitment and enthusiasm for you. That’s just the start of the issues I have with Dillon (D-Redford), who Snyder named as his appointment to State Treasurer. Sorry, Rick. Do you expect Dillon to show up for work any more often than he voted in the House? Andy Dillon—the deadbeat—missed more votes than 95% of state House members. I don’t see that as an enviable track record. Nor does it qualify him to be State Treasurer.


As for Dillon’s budget experience, does anyone think he’s qualified after narrowly averting Michigan’s fourth government shutdown in as many years? Never mind Dillon recessed the State House for the summer in 2009. Or how Dillon caved to Republican Senate budget cuts for 2010, making him a DINO—Democrat In Name Only.

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  1. Rick Snyder and Andy Dillon… What could possibly go wrong.

    Great post CS!

    Comment by steve — Wed, 10 Nov 2010 @ 10:37 pm

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