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Sat, 30 Oct 2010

Sheeple Betray Michigan Again

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give us back our country

For all the hype about incumbents’ political careers being at risk, Michigan voters want to keep their incumbents. When you talk to people, they say throw them out, but that’s not how they’re going to vote.

Michigan has 15 US Congressional districts. Four have no incumbent seeking reelection. In the remaining 11, incumbents enjoy commanding leads in all but two races. Party affiliation makes no difference in how incumbents are doing in Michigan.

District Republican Democrat Lead
 1 Benishek, 62 McDowell, 40 2
 2 Huizenga, 62 Johnson, 34 28
 3 Amish, 46 Miles, 37 9
 4 (I) Camp, 65 Campbell, 32 32
 5 Kupiec, 33 (I) Kildee, 63 29
 6 (I) Upton, 62 Cooney, 34 28
 7 Wahlburg, 43 (I) Schaurer, 50 7
 8 (I) Rogers, 61 Enderle, 35 26
 9 Raczkowski, 48 (I) Peters, 43 5
10 (I) Miller, 68 Yanez, 28 39
11 (I) McCotter, 58 Mosher, 39 18
12 Volaric, 30 (I) Levin, 67 36
13 Hauler, 27 Clarke, 68 38
14 Ukrainec, 21 (I) Conyers, 76 55
15 Steele, 36 (I) Dingell, 53 17


Only two incumbents are even close to being at risk: Mark Schauer (D-7th) and Gary Peters (D-9th), with only Peters projected to lose. But Schauer and Peters voted Nancy Pelosi’s party line about 95% of the time. They are simply Pelosi puppets and need to go.

Long-time feeders at the public trough and octogenarians John Dingell (D-14th) and John Conyers Jr (D-15th) were never in real danger of losing their seats. They’ve been in office 55 and 45 years, respectively. Conyers is going to investigate Karl Rove. Instead, what Conyers should investigate Justice Clarence Thomas for possible impeachment. On top of that, Conyers can’t be bothered to read the bill or, it seems, the US Constitution.

Mad Conyers

As for Dingell, he intimidates constituents into toing the line. Both of these old fogeys need to go. Conyers, Dingell, Kildee, Levin and Schauer all voted to add $.27 billion more to the congressional budget beyond what Pres. Obama requested.

Just for the record, 5 of Michigan’s incumbents received over $1 million in health care donations during the last 20 years. The are Camp (R-4), Upton (R-6), Rogers (R-8), Levin (D-12), and Dingell (D-15). Apparently, Michigan voters are satisfied with special interests continuing such influences instead of electing candidates to represent the people. Like lemmings over the cliff, once again the sheeple refuse to take back control of the government.

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