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Mon, 18 Oct 2010

John Conyers, Fruitcake Extraordinaire

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Arrogant John Conyers

Bear in mind, John Conyers (D-MI) is the same guy that didn’t see any point in reading the bill before voting on the massive healthcare bill.

Now, at 4:10, John Conyers supports Looney Tunes’ Dennis Kucinich’s proposal for a Department of Peace. Great concept, but just what would such a cabinet-level agency do? Disarm the military? Undermine the State Department’s public diplomacy? Push its own agenda, like most Federal bureaucracies do?

At 5:20, Conyers says “There probably isn’t anybody above the tenth grade who doesn’t know you cannot win a war in Afghanistan.” Excuse me? I thought Conyers was an Obama supporter. Right after that, Conyers said President Obama has to do something about “jobs immediately.” At 6:33, Conyers mentions the so-called Tea Party, calling it “small and dismissible.”

So, let’s see. Conyers wants an immediate solution to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (even though he doesn’t mention that one). He wants jobs. And Conyers dismisses voter unrest. All without ever having “read the bill” or understanding voter discontent. Why would anyone re-elect this fruitcake?

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