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Wed, 07 Jul 2010

Eastpointe Finds Racial Idiocy Still Exists

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Kwanita Graham reading hate mail

It’s hard for civilized people in the 21st Century to comprehend, but sometimes the Race Card is real. Case in point: Nearly 20 Black families in Eastpointe, MI, got hate mail over the last couple of days. The gist of the mail: move back across 8 Mile—the symbolic divide between Detroit and its northern suburbs.

This is a significant event, when 20 families in the same neighborhood receive essentially the same letter. Fortunately, the Eastpointe Police and US Postal Inspectors are investigating. Using the mail to commit a hate crime makes it a Federal offense. That means whoever is behind this could be facing up to 20 years in the Federal penitentiary.

hate mail

As far as I’m concerned, that’s not nearly enough. I’m stunned to learn Federal hate crimes penalties are only a year. Michigan is no better. So, best case, the perpetrator gets a year per for a max of 20 years. In my opinion, this is way more serious than that. How would you feel if you saw this in your mail?

We tired of u [n word]s movin in are neighborhood. You need to move back across 8 Mile. We just need to start killing you [n word]s one by one.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this, ever. It’s shocking, very shocking,” said 7-year resident Darlene Foster. None of the 18 recipients, all African-American who live on Sprenger Street, should have experienced this at all.

My hope is the goofball responsible for this pathetic fiasco will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That probably doesn’t make up for the disruption in their daily lives suffered by the affected Eastpointe residents. Perhaps, it shows most of us think alike and can agree that, sometimes, the Race Card is justified. Personally, I’m disgusted.


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