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Wed, 02 Jun 2010

Holiday Driving Fatalities Down, Water-Related Deaths Climb

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Vehicle rollover accident

It seems increased police presence on our highways during holiday weekends has led to a steady reduction in fatal crashes. Preliminary information from Michigan State Police indicates Michigan experienced just 9 highway deaths this Memorial Day Weekend, compared to 11 for last year’s holiday weekend. That’s good news and probably correlates to alcohol and seatbelt enforcement efforts. In fact, Michigan traffic fatalities fell to their lowest since 1924 last year at 871.

Still, I-96 in Michigan made the top 100 deadliest Interstates list, ranking at 100. Interestingly, I-96’s entire length is within Michigan’s borders. As for this year’s holiday road deaths? In 4 of the 9 fatalities, police say alcohol is a known factor. Seatbelts were used in 4 cases as well.

Searching for a drowning victim

Unfortunately, Michigan saw 6 swimming and boating fatalities this holiday weekend, marking a 4 year increase. Thomas Anzivino, 55, of Zeeland, fell overboard into Lake Michigan, west of Port Sheldon. John Tymensky, 41, died when he crashed his speedboat into a pile of cement rocks. Besides the 2 boating fatalities, 4 people drowned in Michigan waters.

  • Dustin Anderson, 21, Clean Water Beach, Monroe, MI
  • Zayar Khin, 35, Lake St. Clair, Grosse Pointe, MI
  • Brent Ford, 25, Scripter Park Beach, Oxford, MI
  • Demond Harps, 12, Pirolli Park, Summerfield Twp, MI

Here’s hoping we don’t have a long hot summer of discontent in the city. And we don’t see a continued death toll on our lakes and waters.

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