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Sat, 15 May 2010

Demolishing Romney’s Boyhood Home Metaphor for Gubernatorial Candidates?

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Mitt Romney's boyhood home in Detroit stands abandoned

Mitt Romney long ago left Michigan. Politically, he’s the former Governor of Massachusetts and ran an unsuccessful bid for US President. In my mind, he has no business in Michigan politics. Still, Romney has endorsed Hoekstra for Michigan Governor. Never mind the quid pro quo here, since US Rep. Pete Hoekstra endorsed Romney in his Presidential bid.

As if to make a point about Romney’s irrelevance to Michigan politics, Romney’s boyhood home in Detroit is slated for demolition. The house is a 5,000 square foot structure in upscale Palmer Woods, so I’m surprised it’s abandoned. Like so many others, it’s fallen on hard times, leaving it on the list for the wrecking ball.

Mitt Romney

I’ve already said Hoekstra is not gubernatorial material. But I have issues with most of the candidates for Michigan Governor. I’ll be posting those concerns over the next few weeks.

Mitt Romney has never been involved in Michigan politics. He was opposed to a government bailout of the automakers. Even though he grew up here, he is not a friend of the Great Lakes State. Michigan voters need to vote based on what’s best for Michigan, not what charlatans like Romney imply is best.

So, Romney has no business in Michigan politics. And his endorsement for Governor is probably the least qualified, capable, or trustworthy. Bulldozing Romney’s boyhood home closes the chapter on his access to Michigan voters. To the voters’ advantage.

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