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Sat, 24 Apr 2010

Romney Endorsement Just Chum in Michigan Guv Race

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Luring sharks with chum

Mitt Romney’s endorsement of US Rep. Pete Hoekstra just dirties the waters of the Michigan gubernatorial Republican primary. Romney said “Michigan is special for me.” If that’s the case, why does he live in Massachusetts and why have all his non-Presidential political campaigns been in that state? Romney’s a Bay Stater, not a Michigander.

So why did Romney endorse Hoekstra? Quid pro quo. Simple as that. Hoekstra and Romney are political buds. Hoekstra endorsed Romney in his ill-fated 2008 presidential bid.

Mitt Romney's many mouths

Romney’s got his own reasons, too. Conventional wisdom is he’s going to make another run for president in 2012. Romney’s looking at changes to his political image to improve his chances of winning. Backing Hoekstra is Romney’s best choice to leverage his 2008 primary win in Michigan for his next shot. Just because Mitt’s dad was a 3-term Michigan governor in the 1960s, voter identification with Mitt “Turn Your Back on Michigan” Romney is a not insignificant benefit for Hoekstra’s campaign for governor.

There’s no reason for Michigan voters to be infatuated with Romney, however. Does anybody remember Romney opposed saving Michigan jobs with the automaker bailout? Has anyone noticed Romney flip-flops on issues a lot? Can anybody explain why Romney opposes federal health care reform but signed much the same into law as Governor of Massachusetts in 2006? During his 2008 campaign, Romney’s national security advisor was Blackwater vice-chairman Cofer Black. Blackwater, formed by Holland MI native Erik Prince, was the security contractor running rogue and killing Iraqis. Interestingly, Hoekstra’s district includes Holland. Finally, there’s No Apology: The Case for American Greatness, Romney’s new book defining the country’s ills and providing common sense solutions. He’s on a book tour touting his ideas, but Romney’s book has no citations or bibliography to back up his claims.

Pete Hoekstra

As for Hoekstra, I’ve already posted a couple of times on why Hoekstra is not governor material. Despite being ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, Hoekstra is a security leak. And not just once. He’s a serial intelligence spewer, including his itinerary in a trip to Iraq, information being gleaned after the Fort Hood massacre, and in a “protect secrets” column in the Washington Post. He’s a loose cannon.

Being an opportunist is part-and-parcel of being a politician, I guess. But Hoekstra’s pretty good at it. He’s one of three Michigan Representatives that voted no on Monday and yes on Friday for the Wall Street bailout. Joe Knollenberg, the other Republican lost his reelection bid. I’m still wondering what Democrat Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick got out of it. I just don’t see it benefiting her Detroit district constituents in any meaningful way.

Hoekstra used the Christmas day airliner bombing attempt in fundraising letters for his gubernatorial campaign. In part, he said:

We don’t have much time, so I will get right to the point. In the midst of enjoying Christmas with my family, we were quickly reminded that there is still a war against the American way of life; on Christmas morning, it came right here to Detroit.

Hoekstra’s appeal and promises to safeguard Michigan are both pathetic and inaccurate. In June 2009, 37 Republican representatives, including Hoesktra, voted against the Homeland Security and Related Agencies Appropriations Act of 2010. He, and 108 other Republicans also voted against the conference bill in October. Not quite the record of someone looking out for the safety of Michigan’s citizens, is it?

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