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Sun, 04 Apr 2010

Fathers Gone Wild

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Jamar Pinkney Sr. being led off

Jamar Pinkney Sr. was convicted of murder in the second degree by a Wayne County, MI, circuit court on April 1st. Pinkney’s lawyer, Corbett Edge O’Meara, admitted he didn’t expect exhoneration. Sentencing is set for 15 April.

Pinkney, who is 37, fatally shot Jamar Pinkney Jr., 15, on 16 November 2009. The elder Pinkney apparently became enraged upon learning the younger Pinkney had apparently admitted to molesting his 3-year-old half sister.

Jamar Pinkney Jr.'s death spot

While I can understand the father’s rage, here’s where the connection breaks for me. After marching his son, naked, from the house, Jamar Pinkney Sr. shot his son, execution style in an open field. The whole time, the boy and his aunt were begging Pinkney to spare the boy’s life.

Nonetheless, the jury took 2 hours and 50 minutes to reach a second-degree murder verdict. Pinkney was also convicted of three counts of assault and using a firearm in a felony. He faces life imprisonment with possibility of parole. Sentencing is slated for 15 April. Hope he has his taxes done.

Joseph Raymond Cox

But Jamar Pinkney Sr. is not the only dad with no respect for his child. Joseph Raymond Cox used his 2-year old daughter to protect him from police Tasers. The resident of Detroit suburb Belleville faced off police a week ago after they were called to Cox’s former wife’s suburban Warren home.

Cox forced his way into his former wife’s home after she refused to let him in. When police arrived, he took “what we call a fighting stance, clenched his fist”, Warren Police Sgt. Heidi Metz said. Police were able to arrest Cox without using Tasers. His daughter was not injured.

Candidate Charlie Sheen uses a child to shield himself from sniper

Cox faces second-degree child abuse, home invasion, and resisting and obstructing police charges as a result. He remains in Macomb County Jail, with bond set at $15,000 cash or surety, pending his preliminary hearing on 8 April.

Kind of reminds you of that scene in The Dead Zone where candidate Charlie Sheen uses a child to shield himself from a sniper, doesn’t it?

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