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Sun, 28 Feb 2010

Dillon Finally Decides to Run for Michigan Governor

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Andy Dillon

After months of what must have been serious, thoughtful consideration, Andy Dillon finally made up his to run for Michigan governor. The Democrat from Redford is serving his final term in the state House, of which he is the speaker. He formed an exploratory committee in early January, but Dillon’s been thinking about running for at least a year. Why so long to make this decision, Mr. Speaker?

In giving the freep a heads up on on his planned Sunday announcement, Dillon said:

I think I’m best suited to lead our state through these difficult economic times and lead us to a better day when we can see economic growth and job growth happen again.

Seems to me, the veracity of that statement can be assessed from his performance as Speaker of the House. Oddly enough, with little or no work on the 2010 budget to show for themselves, the House recessed before the July 4th holiday. They took July and most of August off, not reconvening until 19 August

. Perhaps Mr. Dillon’s leadership style is to work under pressure since he left himself only about 5 weeks to work on the state budget. Well, no, not really. Approval of the state budget followed a brief shutdown just like Dillon’s failure on the budget in 2007. Oh, and parts of that “approved” budget were actually just continuation measures, so the budget still wasn’t really done.

Andy Dillon listening

Maybe Dillon was doing his best. He told the freep:

If anyone was watching closely, I was usually trying to keep the Senate and the governor at the table and trying to force the middle ground to get compromise. I wish it was done quicker, better and faster, but for those that were inside and observed, I think they see I’m the guy was trying to reach out and pull the rhetoric back and just get to the table and reach the compromise we need for the residents of the state.

Last time I checked, “forcing the middle ground to get compromise” didn’t include calling Gov. Granholm’s proposals “showboating”, especially since she’s a fellow Democrat. Better yet, even though Dillon essentially gave the Mike Bishop (R-Rochester) the Republican-led Senate’s version of the budget, Dillon blasted Bishop, the Senate Leader. In a statement, Dillon said, “This Senate-led ‘all-cuts’ budget will result in bankrupt communities, schools in receivership and broken promises for students seeking to go to college so they can join the middle class.” This, even though Dillon basically agreed with Bishop on the Senate’s budget version for the final state budget. The conventional wisdom is they worked out a deal for Dillon’s gubernatorial run and Bishop’s candidacy for state Attorney General.

As for work ethic, the Speaker of Michigan’s House, Andy Dillon missed 13.3% of House votes last year, according to Michigan Votes. Only 5 other representatives, out of 110, missed as many or more votes. That puts Dillon in the bottom 4.5% of of Michigan’s Representatives. Not particularly enviable, if you ask me.

Andy Dillon 'listening'

Let me summarize. Andy Dillon, the Speaker of Michigan’s House of Representatives, missed more votes than 95% of the House. He’s been contentious with both Senate Leader Mike Bishop, a Republican, and Gov. Granholm, a Democrat. He took the summer off rather than work on the budget. And when time was running out, he essentially caved to Mike Bishop’s plan as passed by the Senate. Did I mention Dillon took a year to make up his mind about running for governor? Still, he thinks he’s the man for the job. He told the freep:

My frustration in Lansing has been watching the interference of government at times, and stifling growth. We’ve got to basically reinvent government from top to bottom and make it work for the people and work for less dollars.

Dillon thinks he’s offering Michigan hope and change. We’ve already seen how that turned out last time. And some of Dillon’s key backers are former Kwame Kilpatrick supporters.

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