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Sun, 21 Feb 2010

Federal Budget in Layman’s Terms

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Money down the toilet

My friend, the Old Man, over at the Common Peoples Source for News, spent a week or two going through Pres. Obama’s Federal budget proposal for FY 2011. I’ve only glanced at his work, but I expect this to be a great resource for bloggers as politicians get into debating this budget. He even has Microsoft Excel spreadsheets available for download.

We have a saying in the military: BLUF. It stands for bottom line up front. The Old Man’s FY-11 budget project does that. Obama plans to spend $3,860.528 billion and projects revenues of $2,566.305 billion. Even the math dyslexic like me can easily see that means a deficit of $1,294.223 billion in the 2010-11 spending frenzy.

Thanks, Old Man.

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