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Wed, 06 Jan 2010

Cherry Opens Eyes, Bows Out of Governor’s Race

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Lt. Gov. John Cherry

Lt. Gov. John Cherry (D) announced he was not running for Michigan governor in the 2010 election. Despite union support, he cited fundraising issues as his reason.

Speculation is Cherry was seen as too close to Gov. Granholm’s administration and the woes Michigan has seen under her tenure. The state has had the highest unemployment rate for about 4 years. Then Granholm set her heir apparent up for failure by putting Cherry in charge of reforming Michigan government. In a no-win situation, Cherry angered state employees and failed to satisfy anyone else. The initiative essentially withered on the vine.

Dough Rothwell, Sen. Mike Bishop, Rep. Andy Dillon

Cherry has shown me absolutely nothing. I call him the Mole since I’ve never seen him with his eyes open. But, if this is a set-up for House Speaker Andy Dillon (D-Redford), as theblogprof suggests, then I’m even more revolted. Dillon is an even bigger opportunist than my least favorite Republican candidates, Mike Cox, current Attorney General, and Mike Bouchard, Oakland County Sheriff.

Speaker Dillon sold his soul to Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop (R-Rocherster) in the recent Michigan 2010 budget fiasco, essentially agreeing to Republican Cuts to education and revenue sharing. To many, this wasn’t a well-concealed mutually beneficial deal, however. There has been anticipation of Dillon announcing a run for Governor; Bishop has already declared his candidacy for Attorney General.


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  1. Cherry had absolutely no chance in this race. None. I’m frankly puzzled why he even bothered to allow his name to be put out there. We can start with Granholm’s record…and then we can end there. Or we can start with John who…? And then we can end there..

    Comment by teamowens313 — Thu, 14 Jan 2010 @ 2:58 pm

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