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Tue, 29 Dec 2009

The System Worked—Not

Bomb-sniffing dog on patrol at DTW

Believe it or not, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said “the system worked” on Sunday’s Today show on NBC. It’s unfathomable how she came to that conclusion unless she thinks a faulty detonator and heroic Dutch tourist are now part of the homeland security system. Here’s what didn’t work.

Abdulmutallab's charred underwear

In view of all those red flags and missed opportunities, Napolitano back-pedaled, admitting the system “failed in every respect”. Ya think? The ever-clueless Homeland Security Secretary also said Abdulmutallab’s case was an isolated incident. Pres. Obama said the same thing. Napolitano said there was no indication he was acting as part of a larger plot or group. Funny, that’s not how al-Qaida sees it. Yesterday, al-Aqaida in the Arabian Peninsula claimed responsibility.

Guilty until proven innocent

The terrorist group, formed from merging Yemeni and Saudi al-Qaida cells, claimed to have provided the explosive and chemical detonator for Abdulmutallab’s failed suicide bombing. Al-Qaida in the Arabian Penninsula also said the attempt was in retaliation for US assistance to Yemeni authorities. On Dec. 17 and 23, airstrikes were launched against suspected terrorist targets in Yemen. The only problem with al Qaida’s claim? Abdulmutallab bought his ticket the day before the first strike. But, then, certainly al-Qaida wouldn’t lie, would they?

More importantly, however, Abdulmutallab bragged he is the first of many such terrorists. Apparently he claims there are 25 Somali and Pakastani Muslims in Yemen, all of whom were radicalized at British mosques. They’re training up to mount similar attacks on western airliners. British and US authorities are supposedly working together on this. I hope the Brits hit Homeland Security upsdie the head when the planets start to align. We were lucky with Flight 253. We shoulnd’t expect that luck to hold out.


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