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Sat, 05 Dec 2009

Winter Driving: Groundhog Day Every Day

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Motorists in fender bender wait for the police

Different parts of Michigan got more or less snow in an early season storm, with southwest Michigan taking the brunt of it. Southwest Michigan benefits from the lake effect, which brings warmer moisture off Lake Michigan to the cooler land and, voila, you get snow.

On Friday, southwest Michigan got over a foot of snow. We get snow every year in Michigan. This is not new, but I’m always amazed by how many people are caught off-guard by the first snow. Hello! Are these people who are convinced global warming is real? Why else would they be driving like maniacs even though road conditions dictated otherwise?

There are common sense considerations for winter driving that some folks just don’t seem to get. These are the maniacs that don’t care about anyone else.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t prepared for the first snow. People think they’re better drivers than they are. But the weather usually conspires to prove otherwise. So, why do we go through this every year?

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