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Thu, 08 Oct 2009

Somali Pirates Repelled, Caught by French Navy

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La Somme, a French logistics and flag vessel

There is a lot of irony in the story of the Somali pirates attacking a French naval vessel. The vessel is obviously a military logistics ship; how could the pirates mistake that, even in the dark? After repelling the initial attack, the French gave chase. They captured five pirates after an hour-long chase.

Only in the French Navy could the fueler La Somme also be a command vessel. Don’t get me wrong—modern forces depend on logistics, so tankers are important. I’m just having a hard time envisoning an admiral being happy commanding the fleet from a fuel tanker.

Still, the have a leading role in the EU’s anti-piracy operations. Their effort includes warships, as well as La Somme, and today’s events are not their first successes.

While their anti-piracy role is a bit of a surprise to me, France is actually quite engaged in Operation Enduring Freedom. They’ve got troops in Afghanistan and they’ve suffered losses like all participating countries. They’ve earned a new respect from me.


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