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Sat, 19 Sep 2009

Michigan Holds the Lead for 40 Months; Unemployment Hits 15.2%

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Michigan’s unemployment rate is back up to 15.2%, the highest in the nation. In fact, Michigan unemployment rate has led the nation for 40 months! That’s almost 4-1/2 years!

In August, Michigan lost 42,900 jobs, including 15,000 in manufacturing. In all, Michigan unemployment exceeds 3/4 of a million people!

If you live in Michigan, chances are pretty dang good you know someone affected by this. That is, if you’re not affected yourself. In my case, my brother took a buyout from his employer due to economic conditions rather than risk a layoff. And my friend Bob, who works for one of the Big 3, isn’t sure. His job is up in the air at the moment. So, yeah, the economic crisis has ramifications right here in the neighborhood.

Areas around Michigan are in particularly dire straits. Metro Detroit’s unemployment rate was 17.3% in August. The rate in Detroit itself is nearly 30%: 28.9% for August! Even the Church is affected!

Why do you suppose the city’s unions think Mayor Bing is out to get them? Didn’t they learn basic math in school? Maybe they just find a word problem too confusing.

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