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Thu, 10 Sep 2009

Heckler “Joe” Wilson is the Real Liar

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Rep. Addison Graves “You can call me Joe” Wilson Sr. is the South Carolina Republican who shouted “You lie!” in the middle of the President’s speech last night. Pres. Obama was addressing a joint session of Congress. The topic: healthcare reform.

Members of Congress, I might point out, are part of the government and the joint session is an official function. The British consider themselves so civilized, yet heckling of executive branch officials in Parliament is commonplace. They probably don’t act like that with the Queen, though. What’s the difference? The Prime Minister is the head of government whereas the Queen is the head of state. In the US, President Obama is both head of state and head of government. Heckling the President by officials at an official function is, therefore, just plain and totally unacceptable! Whether you agree with him or not is not the point!

Ok, so Wilson apologized for his outburst. Then, why is he still trying to make money off it? Never mind Wilson lied himself! Illegal immigrants are specifically excluded by the only healthcare reform bill introduced in its entirety so far.


Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.

Wilson, whose name isn’t really Joe, says he “let [his] emotions get the best of [him]” even though his claim is just plain wrong! In fact, Medicare and Medicaid prohibit illegals from participating. Also, the Congressional Research Service established healthcare reform wouldn’t permit government-funded coverage of illegals.

It’s pretty obvious, the real liar here is “Joe” Wilson. The House needs to censure Wilson for his outrageous behavior. In the meantime, his idiocy resulted in Wilson’s House webpage crashing and Wikipedia needing to lock his page.

I hope his constituents dump his ass out on the street in the next election.

Michigan Government Shutdown Redux?

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After taking the summer off, Democrats seem to have suddenly realized they only have 21 days to avert a Michigan government shutdown. Where the hell have they been since last June? That’s when the Republican-controlled State Senate passed a balanced budget.

On Tuesday, Gov. Granholm (D) released her long-awaited counter proposal. Her plan slashes film industry credits and money from jobs and roads. Like Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson said about cutting film credits: “We can’t keep promising significant rebates to lure business in and then changing the game book.” How would you feel if you were the consortium interested in the Ford Wixom property after witnessing this?

Here’s what Granholm’s plan includes for Michigan’s budget over the next 2 years: $2.2 billion in cuts, $1.09 billion in tax/revenue hikes, and using $2 billion of Federal stimulus money. It’s important to note this is on top of the $500 million in cuts Granholm proposed in February. To entice Republicans, she’s offering to phase out the Michigan Business Tax 22% surcharge over 3 years, beginning in 2011.

  • Reduce film industry tax credits from 42% to 37%
  • Reduce other business tax credits by 12%
  • Extend 6% sales tax to live entertainment tickets, vending machine sales, and service contracts
  • Impose a 1% sales tax on bottled water
  • Increase the cigarette tax by 25 cents per pack to $2.25
  • Double non-cigarette tobacco taxes
  • Increase liquor license fees
  • Cut school aid by $520 million
  • Reduce local revenue sharing by $74 million
  • Squeeze $34 million out of funds used to entice business—and jobs—to Michigan ($22 million from the 21st Century Jobs fund and $12 million from a road improvements fund)

As for the Democrat-controlled State House? Well, first of all Speaker Andy Dillon (D-Redford) shat on Granholm’s proposal.

The governor should know that showboating a proposal that has no chance of passing is not a way to solve the state’s fiscal crisis. All parties need to put theatrics and demands aside and get back to the hard work of negotiating a budget solution.

So, when’s that gonna happen Andy? Why’d y’all take the whole damn summer off? Dillon said the House could start passing budget bills by next week. Excuse me? House bills by next week? 15 days before the new fiscal year? And then House and Senate can try to compromise? Never mind if Granholm threatens a veto.

Can you spell S-H-U-T-D-O-W-N? Oh, but they’ve got a “continuation bill” up their sleeve so they can tap dance around and avoid a government shutdown like in 2007. I wonder if the second highest paid state legislature can even pull that off in time. Contact your state representative and senator; tell them do their damn jobs!

Guess He Can’t Read…

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or maybe English isn’t his first language. I’m talking about the guy in the white truck driving in the “No Trucks” lane.

With the bilingual nature of South Florida, you’d think Florida Department of Transportation would be a big believer in symbol signs. Perhaps this guy just needs a sign in braille instead.

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