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Thu, 03 Sep 2009

Stimulus Improves Infrastructure. Not!

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One of the big benefits claimed for the Stimulus Bill was infrastructure improvement. I’m having a hard time finding evidence of that. On top of that, it’s hard to find hard numbers on just how many peole either kept or got jobs as a result of the Stimulus Bill.

As frequent readers will know, I commute from Detroit to Lansing for work. Neither MDOT nor road construction get any respect from me. Case in point: they’re rehabilitating two bridges on I-96 near the Oakland-Livingston County borders. Roped into this project is replacing on/off ramps, resurfacing already decent roadway on I-96, and a complete regrading of the ditches and shoulders even though there’s never been an issue with them. Never mind they’ve also trashed (and will presumably replace) a bunch of those Big Green Signs they just replaced a couple years ago. And this project’s not even a Stimulus project.

The only Stimulus project I’ve run across is a 12 mile section of I-96 from I-496/US-127 east. Besides the signs proclaiming it as a Stimulus project, the advisory of nightly lane closures, and the orange barrels on the side of the road, I’ve not seen much out of the last couple of weeks of “work”. The road surface through this stretch has some potholes and could use resurfacing, but I’ve seen worse. So, what work’s been done? On the westbound side, they’ve torn out a few miles of shoulder. Not sure if they’re planning to resurface or what. And there’s this really nice dirt pile in the median that appears to be well-groomed. Looks like they hauled in truckloads of dirt to give the bulldozer driver something to do during his nightly shifts.

Seems to me the only thing that’s being stimulated is people wondering what the heck is going on! Why does it cost $700 billion? And where are the tangible results?


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