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Tue, 01 Sep 2009

Gov. Granholm: Michigan Budget Negotiations “Confidential”. WTF?

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Dillon, Granholm, Bishop

Excuse me, dear elected officials, but it’s not your budget we’re talking about here. It’s our budget! You know, the citizens who elected you to do our business. So why are budget discussions between the Michigan Governor, House, and Senate “confidential”?

Maybe it’s because folks like House Speaker Andy Dillon’s (D-Redford) half-baked plans don’t have any real substance to them. So, does it make sense Dillon says a budget deal is close? I think not. The key sticking points, according to Dillon, are the same ones Granholm said were critical 3 months ago: promise scholarship grants, revenue sharing, and community health. So, where’s the progress?

And, if we’re so close, why are House Democrats holding a budget retreat on Wednesday? Dillon says negotiations will resume on Thursday. The point being? Wednesday’s retreat will resolve the 3 key issues?

Or, perhaps it’s they don’t really have a plan after all. Never mind they’ve got just 30 days to resolve this issue to avoid another government shutdown like in 2007. Conceivably, since no one’s got anything good to say, they’re acting like they’re bargaining in good faith.

Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop (R-Rochester) thinks the public should know what’s on the table, although he wouldn’t spill the beans. Me thinks he speak with forked tongue.

Then there’s that novel concept of a fiscally responsible budget process. Go figure. And, yeah, we the people have a right to know.

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