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Sun, 07 Jun 2009

Police Beating: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

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Los Angeles has the Rodney King situation. Detroit has Malice Green. And now, Passaic has Ronnie Holloway.

While I tend to be a law-and-order guy, I’m not seeing the justification in this video. It’s kind of like the time I saw a Michigan State Trooper move from the left lane to the right lane and slow down so the guy following him would pass. Sure enough, the Trooper pulled the guy over. Excuse me, but if you’re speeding, without lights and siren, then it must also be ok for Joe Citizen. But, I digress.

Mr. Holloway’s situation appears to be totally unprovoked by him and set up by the officers. I don’t know anything about Passaic neighborhoods; the fact the bar had a security camera implies there’s a level of concern. But, it’s broad daylight and Mr. Holloway appears to be minding his own business at the corner. Until the police pull up. Whether Mr. Holloway has a mental illness or not, regardless of the level of crime in this neighborhood, no matter the races involved, it appears the police overreacted in this situation. Officer Joseph R. Rios III should be held to account for his actions.


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