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Sun, 08 Mar 2009

Road Pigs

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I spend a lot of time on the road and I’ve come to the conclusion there are four basic types of people on the road. The most obnoxious are the Road Pigs—you know, the ones who are more important and whose destination is better than anyone else out there. I had to deal with one of them today. There are the lemmings, who just follow the car in front of them, usually in the left lane. Then there are the clueless, who don’t seem to know where they’re going, how they’ll get there, and, oh my gosh, that’s my exit! These are the ones who drive at least 10 mph slower than they need to. Had some some of them today, too. The rest of us are just trying to use the roads as they were intended and in a manner consistent with our democratic ideals and common decency.

Today, the driver of the silver Dodge minivan wins my ire. This person just had to move into the left lane in front of me right after the left lane went through a “hit the brakes” drill. Apparently, the minivan driver was more special than me, or his/her destination was more important than mine. That’s the only reason I can see for the minivan’s moving into the lane in front of me with not more than a few feet of clearance. The minivan could have moved in behind me or a car or two back, but that wasn’t good enough. The fact I had more than a car’s length between me and vehicle in front of me was all this person needed to speed up and move in there. Never mind that this close call, if it had resulted in contact, would have rippled to at least a half-dozen cars in both lanes.

After laying on the horn and giving the one-finger salute, I really hoped the minivan would get off at the next exit. I figured I’d
follow so I could ask what was so special about the driver or his destination that warranted such disregard for others’ safety. Next, I figured I’d ask about the driver’s religious beliefs and faith, with the intent of pointing out the behavior exhibited is not consistent with biblical admonitions (assuming a Christian religion is the case). You see, I’m rather tired of the number of jerks there are on the roads in a country that professes a belief in God and Christian ideals. There’s very little “turn the other cheek” on the roads. Oh, and for the record, a car’s length or two at 70 mph is not enough room for reaction time and braking, especially on wet roads.

So, yeah, it was raining today. Ok, that warrants extra care; I got that. But it doesn’t mean we have to drive 60 mph on a 70 mph freeway. Those folks need to move to the right and not plug up the passing lane(s). Being overly cautious can be just as much a hazard as driving too fast for conditions. Why is it there doesn’t seem to be any in between?


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