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Mon, 29 Dec 2008

Buying Local Makes Sense

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Not too long ago, I was rather irate at what seemed to be a negative categorization of the Big 3 as “Detroit”, which gets more than its fair share of bad publicity. Much of this manifested itself as anti-Big 3 bridge loan propaganda. Truth is, the US-based automakers are each international corporations, with operations involving over 3 million workers, including their direct suppliers. But, this rant isn’t about the automakers.

For every manufacturing job, there are a number of other jobs dependent on that factory worker. These include the obvious jobs at the suppliers as well as the less obvious local jobs at the bar, party store, and restaurants around the factory and the suppliers’ plants. It’s just plain prudent to consider the second and third order effects of every plant closing or downsizing. Such things are not isolated events. They involve real people and communities, even if this goaround doesn’t affect your friends or neighbors.

As if we didn’t know already, the recent shenanigans with the Big 3 bridge loan should be a clear message to Michigan that we need to look out for our own. While the auto industry is still big in Michigan, it is no longer the driving force (no pun intended, believe it or not). To make this rather painful transition more tolerable, however, we need to Buy Michigan! This is something ordinary folks can do to make a real difference in today’s economy.


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