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Fri, 26 Dec 2008

Why They Don’t Call Them Service Stations

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Used to be the place you got gasoline was called a service station. Back in the day, they sold wiper blades, tires, and had mechanics and garage bays to work on cars–service. Nowadays, you’d be hard pressed to find a station with even auto parts, let alone a maintenance bay or mechanic. They’re convenience stores that happen to sell gasoline to get you to stop there.

Global warming aside (snicker), its winter in Michigan and it’s been below freezing for much of this month. It’s also been snowing and sleeting. When the road commissions finally get around to salting the roads, you end up with lots of salt scum on your car. It dries on the windshield and obscures visibility. Drivers end up going through a lot of windshield wiper fluid so they can see where they’re going.

Salt scum splattered on a car

Used to be you could clean your windshield while getting gasoline, which was handy if you ran out of fluid in your car or if it froze. Now, the frozen in the water or just plain not there. Why? Because the stations are too cheap to put windshield washer solvent in the little buckets. Just another reason why they don’t call them service stations anymore.


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