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Mon, 17 Nov 2008

Everything’s Starting Too Early

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As a society, we seem to have become more and more impatient. I suppose there are arguments on both sides either proving or disproving the “short attention span” theory. This is the theory that says Johnny learned his alphabet from short snippets on children’s TV brought to you by the letter K. Here’s a case in point. The just-ended presidential campaign began 2 freaking years ago. So, either people today can hang with two years’ worth of politicians spewing whatever they think will get them elected. Or, we don’t remember the guy or gal said something entirely different last week, which didn’t match what was said two weeks ago, which doesn’t even resemble the first statement two years ago. Your choice.

It used to be “Christmas in July” meant that something good happened either unexpectedly or before the Christmas season. I think it won’t be too long before Christmas decorations go on the shelves right after Independence Day. That seasonal aisle in the drug store changes right over to the next holiday as soon as one finishes.

Christmas shopping season traditionally began the Friday after Thanksgiving. That’s been pulled forward now to right after Halloween. That’s too early! Christmas music is playing on the radio already! After you’ve heard those songs over and over, you begin to dislike them. This stuff is anti-holiday spirit.

Ok, so the retailers are trying to make up from drops in sales due to the economy. I seriously doubt extending the shopping season. That’s like saying an earthquake just puts new features on the earth’s surface. People with jobs and money will buy presents just like always. People whose jobs are at risk will be more frugal, perhaps only buying stuff on sale. And people suffering from the Wall Street fiasco and closed factories can’t afford non-essentials no matter how long the retailers try to entice them.

Too bad there’s such a short time between Christmas and New Year’s. We’d probably all like to see champagne on sale for a month or two. Either because we want to be optimistic, like New Year’s suggests, or because we want to forget the present state of things. Bet we’ll see the Presidents’ Day sale stuff right after New Year’s though.

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