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Fri, 07 Nov 2008

Physics and Politics

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One of the concepts in physics is inertia—an object in motion tends to stay in motion. It applies to politics, in what I would call the Lemming effect. People tend to vote either for the incumbent just because he’s the incumbent or along party lines just because he’s that party’s candidate. There is a saying that sums up the dangers of this: “if you continue to do what you’ve always done, you will continue to get what you’ve always got.” In other words, keeping the incumbents will yield more of the same.

In Michigan’s case, voters gave 74-year-old Sen. Carl Levin (D) another 6 years in office and returned 87% of incumbents in the US House to Washington. Of these, 7 are Republicans and 6 are Democrats, so it’s not the “Obama effect.” It’s just momentum and a spineless—or mindless&electorate—no paybacks for the worthless politicos from the people in Michigan. And why would Detroiters, who most likely won’t benefit themselves from the $800+ billion (and growing) Wall Street bailout/pork conspiracy, vote overwhelmingly (74%) to keep Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick in office? At first, Kilpatrick voted against the bailout, but switched her vote after the Senate added another $100 billion in pork. Like the Wall Street bailout, or any of its dripping fat pork, will do anything to help average Detroiters. I’m not surprised conservative West Michigan kept Rep. Hoekstra on the public payroll, even if he voted against a mere $700 billion, but $800 billion plus was good enough for a yes vote. Those sheeple just voted straight Republican. Kudos to Oakland County voters who dumped turncoat Rep. Joe Knollenberg on his ass, though.

There is a small bright spot. The turncoat Joe Knollenberg (R), who voted no on the Wall Street bailout on Monday but yes on Friday, got tossed out on his ass! In generally Republican Oakland County, no less! I’m proud to live in a county of thinking people, even if they did re-elect L. Brooks Patterson as County Executive.

Unfortunately, despite the State Legislature’s ineptitude with the 2008 budget, Michigan voters gave every incumbent in the State House a second chance. Term limits is the only thing that gives us 48 new representatives. The State House is solidly Democrat at 68 to 43 Republicans (19 of whom are new). What part of they failed to do their jobs didn’t the sheeple understand? Oh, well. When convicted felon Sen. Ted Stevens (AK-R) can be reelected, why would anything surprise?

With Obama’s win, odds are term-limited Gov. Jennifer Granholm will be leaving office 2 years early. She who coached Sen. Biden before the debate and campaigned for Obama in Florida. I’m not sure what the point of Michigan’s governor stumping in Florida was, but that’s pretty transparent on her part. In fact, the process has already begun, with Obama asking Jennifer to join his panel of economic advisors. I sure hope the other 16 members have a better record of fiscal management, considering Michigan’s economic disaster. My money’s on her being named Ambassadorship to Canada, like former Gov. Jim Blanchard before her. Seems perfect to me, since she’s Canadian-born anyway. The only question is will Michigan be better off with Lt. Gov. John Cherry at the helm.


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