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Tue, 04 Nov 2008

Payback Time

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Certainly you’re planning to vote. Otherwise, you’ve got no basis for complaining about anything. So, if you’re happy with things, vote for whoever. But if you’re not, vote for anyone who is not already in the political machine. There’s not much difference between the Democrats and Republicans other than the labels they apply to each other.

As for the political candidates, don’t forget that both major parties have written off Michigan during their campaigns. First, Obama took his name off the primary ballot. Ok, so this was because the Democratic National Committee was upet with Michigan’s early, unsanctioned primary. First, what gives the DNC the right to have any say in Michigan’s vote? Second, during the primary, why did Barrack pull his name, but Hillary didn’t? Both were trying to game the system. So, the hell with Barrack Obama. He dissed Michigan in early 2008. Never mind the Democrats.

But, the Republicans dont get a by, either. Why did McCain decide Michigan didn’t matter? I just don’t appreciate that.

As far as other offices go, if you’re happy with things as they are, fine. Vote as yo see fit. But if you’re not, vote for those who are not current office holders. The incumbents are responsible for they way things are now.

  • US Senators—These are the guys that added over a billion in pork to the $700 billion Wall Street bailout. In Michigan, Sen. Carl Levin voted for and Sen. Stabenow against.
  • US Representatives—Three turncoats voted no on the $700 billion bailout but voted yes after the Senate added its pork: Hoekstra, Knollenberg, and Kilpatrick. Why? Ehlers, Kamp, Kildee, Upton, Sander Levin, and Dingel voted for both times.
  • State Legislators—They’re the second highest paid state legislature in the country and they couldn’t do their job last year and almost blew it again this year. They have all year to figure out the budget and last year’s near-shutdown of state government is just inexcusable.

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