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Thu, 11 Sep 2008

She Really Burns His Ass

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A Michigan woman pleaded guilty to arson in a South Bend court on Monday the eighth. The charge, which could get her a 40 year sentence, isn’t so unique. It’s not even unusual that she eluded police for ten months.

Dorothy Hamilton’s criminal act involved pouring gasoline on her ex-boyfriend’s buttocks and then igniting it. She literally burned his ass! I didn’t realize you could commit arson on a person. So, when some Buddhist monks set themselves on fire to protest the war in Vietnam, was that suicide or arson?

For anyone familiar with burns, you know they can be painful, especially when they’re severe. Severe burns also tend to require skin grafts and leave some serious scar tissue. Serious burn injuries is probably one of the things I fear the most. I am truly sympathetic and moved for major burn victims. Many of our service members suffer catastrophic burns from the radical few detonating improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Those victims, and those who care for them, are truly awesome people!

Assuming the backside burns were rather serious, it’s no wonder he’s the ex-boyfriend. But I still can’t help myself—kind of gives new meaning to the concept of “butt ugly,” doesn’t it?

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