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Mon, 22 Sep 2008

What’s Up With Today’s Campers?

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Popup tent camper with air conditioner

Popup tent camper with air conditioner

The whole concept of a popup tent camper with an air conditioner seems rather bizarre to me. Think about it–walls made of canvas but the trailer has a fricking air conditioner! It’s no wonder the rest of the world hates us.

When I was a kid, we camped for most vacations. I imagine the main reason was to save money over the cost of motels. We were always tent campers and considered travel trailers as not really campers. It was a radical step into modern society when we took along a portable TV for the first time.

One of the other reasons for camping was to enjoy the surroundings and nature. We spent a couple weeks in the Smoky Mountains and did some hiking. While we camped, I did some fishing. And we usually camped in wooded campgrounds, not just open fields with electric and water hookups.

So, if camping is supposed to be a return to nature, what does an air conditioner have to do with it? And how appropriate is an air conditioner in a wooded setting, interfering with anyone who might hope to have a serene setting? Does it make sense to air condition a canvas-sided room?

If camping is supposed to be about saving money, then consider the number of 5th-wheelers and bus-sized motor homes. Those things cost $150k to $300k and more! If a campground is $30 and a motel room is $80, how many nights’ camping does it take to make up the difference? Don’t forget to include the reduced mileage of the big-ass truck to haul the trailer or the low mpg of the motor home.


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