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Fri, 12 Sep 2008

Crazy Drivers Endanger Everyone

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The guy in this video doesn’t care about who he’s putting at risk because he’s trying to get away from the police. But there are some drivers out there who are crazy, mentally deficient, inept, not paying attention, or just plain self-centered to the point of being morally reprehensible.

I think the last one is the case of a driver I saw last week. Just like in the video, he passed a car on the right shoulder! Fortunately, he didn’t lose control or sideswipe anybody. I was in the left of the 2 lanes, but probably would have ended up in the debris field if this maniac had caused an accident. What really has me confused is traffic was moving along at highway speeds. Dude! What’s so super critically important that you have to be a menace to society?

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