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Wed, 09 Jul 2008

Something’s wrong with this

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Last week I saw a commercial on TV for a collector’s 9/11 silver $20 commemorative from National Collectors Mint. Now, you see those ads all the time, so I tend not to pay them much attention. Cleverly, this one breaks the $20 value into two denominations–9 and 11. Nice touch.

Here’s the rub. Those private strikings often say they’re legal tender, but I was skeptical because this one’s rectangular in shape. So, it caught my ear when they said it was legal tender. When they added “in Liberia,” I got irked. Granted, my first thought was it’s wrong for an Arab or Islamic state to be a part of tugging at Americans’ hearts. Lest there be any concern, I don’t have any issues with Arabic people or the religion of Islam. Fundamentalists, however, scare me and the attackers on that fateful day were radical Arabic extremist Islamists.

I often think of Liberia and Libya as being similar. Libya is 97% Arabic and they almost all practice Islam. Libya used to be involved in a lot of terrorism until a couple of near misses caused Gaddafi to get religion. So you can understand my initial reaction. But a trip to Wikipedia reminded me the two countries are nowhere near each other. It also taught me Liberia is not Arabic and Islam is practiced by only about 10% of the population. So, my initial reaction was misplaced.

Still, why should Liberia be making money off of an American tragedy?


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