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Sun, 23 Sep 2007

O’Reilly’s Racist Attitude Demands Action

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It seems Bill O’Reilly and Al Sharpton had dinner together recently in a restaurant in Harlem. And now Bill’s all proud of himself for discovering Blacks are decent folk after all. In an interview with NPR’s Juan Williams, O’Reilly he went on about it on the air in extremely condescending terms—just unacceptable!

O’Reilly’s blatant racism demands we call for his ouster. Read the interview; it’s far worse than those remarks Don Imus made causing his downfall. We cannot now, in good conscience, tolerate the public display of Bill O’Reilly’s Jim Crow beliefs. Visit O’Reilly’s website, get the list of stations and advertisers that give him a platform, and let them know his type of vitriole is cannot be tolerated.

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