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Sat, 22 Sep 2007

Arrested At Circuit City: Conclusion

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Michael Righi announces charges have been dropped from when Brooklyn, Ohio, police arrested him after he refused to show his receipt at Circuit City on September first. Charges were dropped in exchange for agreeing not to sue the city, implying the city knew they had overstepped their authority.

Lest there be any doubt that his sole intention in this matter was to assert the right to not be treated like a criminal by retailers and that the law does not require citizens to “present their papers,” Mr. Righi also announced his decision to donate $5,197.23 in paypal donations for his defense to the ACLU of Ohio.

We should all be pleased with this outcome as it represents a check on the police state mentality that has been insinuating itself into a variety of aspects in our lives since 9-11. More importantly, this case has served to generate a lot of discussion, and I believe increase awareness, of the whole receipt checking issue. My hope is that a growing number of people will not put up with receipt checking. When enough people do, the retailers will feel it financially and realize the stupidity of this impotent effort in the name of loss prevention.

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