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Sat, 22 Sep 2007

About Jena—The Other Side of the Story

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Jena, like elsewhere in America, has its share of racial concerns. There appears, however, to be “another side of the story.” It seems Jena has been made the poster child for racial inequality based largely on media hype. Apparently, the “Jena 6” are really just ordinary thugs who may now unfairly benefit from efforts to improve race relations.

I can understand why everyone’s jumping on the Jena 6 bandwagon. The concept of the blatant inequality that it represents is so heinous as to make anyone mad. It seems, however, the media has been like sharks in the water with chum on the Jena 6 recently. Even the US District Attorney for Jena, who happens to be Black, while appalled, determined the noose incident didn’t meet hate crime criteria.

I’m not retracting my previous post because I think the country needs to consider its race relations. It’s easy to say everyone is equal but that doesn’t necessarily make it so. There are no magic wands here. But, it seems there’s reasonable doubt as to whether the Jena 6 is really an appropriate place to play the Race Card.

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