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Sun, 01 Jul 2007

Crowds Act, Well, Wierd!

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What is it about large numbers of people that cause them to suffer a degraded awareness of others? Two cases in point: last week’s theme parks and yesterday’s small-town fireworks.Now, these are family venues, so no one gets out of hand. Society is not imploding on itself, mercifully. But, I think the anonymity of the crowd facilitates peoples’ general “me first” approach to things these days. Why do some groups insist on walking 4 and 5 abreast, forcing your group to fall into single file in order for both to continue in their opposite directions? Why do people step off the curb to cross a highway, forcing cars to stop (even though, last time I checked, cars were bigger) just to get to the park for the fireworks? In the middle of the block, no less!

I’m not advocating people should yield to me, but things oughta be equitable. Both groups should slim down to let each other pass. And maybe the police ought to direct traffic at the intersections to let pedestrians cross safely while facilitating the flow of vehicle traffic. The road is a state highway, after all. Hmmm. Novel concept—city officials doing their jobs instead of just going through the motions.


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